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White House Restaurant, Janesville California
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restaurants susanville california

The White House Restaurant features American, Italian and Thai food to accomodate many pallets. You can find virtually anything to satisfy your cravings on our menu from appetizers, soups & salads, sandwiches & burgers, italian dishes to steak and our famous baby back ribs.

Our Thai cuisine features rice and noodle dishes, from the pan, and curry dishes.
Are you vegetarian?
If so, you can enjoy Vegetarian Thai Food
Recipes that are based on classic Thai dishes. Since
many Thai dishes are vegetarian or are close
to being vegetarian, you'll find the taste equally
authentic and just as delicious. Like other Asian
cuisines, there are numerous health benefits of
eating Thai food, and its satisfying blend of flavors
may even help you shed a few pounds. Most Thai
food is healthy and naturally low in fat and calories.
Check out our menu here..

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