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White House Restaurant, Janesville California
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restaurants susanville california

White House Restaurant has moved to 3085 Johnstonville Rd. Susanville, California, is located in Northeastern California on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

Residents of Susanville enjoy both forested mountains and desert environments,
which offer multiple choices of recreation activities, including fishing, hiking,
bicycling, hunting, boating and of course tasty Thai food.

In Susanville, the air is clean, the water is pure, and the
people are friendly.

A little history...Susanville: In 1860, settlers built a
loopholed stockade, with a bastion or block house
in its southwest angle, Iess than a mile from the
town of Janesville, Lassen County, after the Battle
of Pyramid Lake for protection from an Indian attack.
The site of the fort is now a California Historic landmark.

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