restaurants janesville california
White House Restaurant, Janesville California
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restaurants susanville california
Welcome to the White House Restaurant

Hours Of Operation:  Tuesday-Saturday 11am - 8:30pm

Closed Sunday-Monday

Why Thai food is increasingly popular as an exotic, romantic first date choice

A quiz in a recent men’s magazine asked what type of restaurant readers would
most likely take a woman to on a first date. The answers were then cross-
referenced to reveal certain personality types: Italian food meant you were
conservative, Chinese indicated you were thrifty, while Thai food suggested
you were open to new things, smart, and even sexy. The
recent popularity of this flavorful, spicy-sweet-and-sour
cuisine is also evident in the number and variety of
Thai restaurants springing up in rural and urban
towns across North America.

In a hurry? To go orders are available!

“TO GO” ORDERS...(530) 257-6666

We have moved from Janesville to 3085 Johnstonville Rd. Susanville 

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